Amazon smart plug

Amazon smart plug

What does the Amazon smart plug deal offer you?

Smart plugs are not the future; they are now! They allow you to convert your ‘dumb’ devices like fan, washing machine, room lights, led lights, iron, refrigerator, and blender machine – you name it!
Just plug in your Amazon smart plug to the outlet, connect it with Alexa, and take control of your home. While smart plugs may sound unappealing like power cables and cords, but they are much more than that, they are valuable and worthy of adding to your home automation plans.

1. Track the Power Expenditure

By plugging an appliance into this amazon smart plug. You will come to know how much electricity your appliance uses, which can be helpful to you when upgrading to a more energy-efficient model. It also allows you to check the peak hours of power to adjust when or when not to turn your appliance on.


2. Schedule All Your Devices

The Amazon smart plug deal offers you to set schedules for turning devices on/off at the time of your choice for your ultimate convenience. For example, your mobile batteries do not need to be overcharged, and it can damage them and reduces the life of the battery. By this feature of Amazon Smart Plug, you can schedule the time of your charging devices (headphones, mobiles, laptops, iPads, etc.)

3. A More Secure Home

Amazon smart plug

Talking of control, what is better than being able to control how things go in your home even when you are on vacation!
Turn the lights on to shove the thieves off just through a tap on your phone. You don’t even need an echo device (Alexa) in your home and can distant-control by having the app and by pairing the outlet with the Alexa app. Just set the timings for your lamps to turn on and off at a particular time, and you don’t even have to monitor it on your phone while you are away.

4. Set the Perfect Temperature 

Have you ever wished that your room is heated half an hour before you wake up just so getting out of bed ceases being the painful experience that you have to go through every morning? Or have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because of how cool the room got? Well, not anymore with your Amazon smart plug attached to it.
You get to manipulate the temperature of your home according to your desire, anytime and anywhere!

5. Have Comfortable Mornings

The perfect temperature set is directly connected with having a beautiful morning. Imagine having an interview that you are so anxious for but also want to take an 8-hour sleep. Who can do that when you also have to prepare everything yourself! Well, just set your curling rod and your coffee machine 15 minutes before your alarm because there is something that can always assist you.

6. Take Halloween Parties to the Next Level

Manipulate lights when they are attached to your Amazon smart plug. Hide in a corner and watch every move of your friends as they enter the house! Blink, turn off or turn on the lights and make your home a mystery house to give all your friends and family a solid thriller! 

7. Maximize your decorations

Amazon smart plug

Speaking of lights, you decorate your home for occasions a week or two before, but end up remembering to turn on the lights only twice a week! What is the point of all your energy and excitement? Just schedule your lights to turn on right after dark and turn off after an hour and a half of you sleeping!

8. Control Kid’s Screen Time

Take control of your Child’s screen use. Parents know the struggle to get the kids off of video games and get them to do something else. Well, the Amazon Smart plug deal has taken it over from here. Just set the time for them to be on the screen and block the screen for them for all the times you don’t want them to be around the screen!

9. Come Home To Cooked Food and Cleaned Kitchen

Do we know that your face is just as astonished as the Amazon smart plugs? Yes, this is all possible because you can manage your Dishwasher and get your slow cooker scheduled to be turned off at the right time while being at work!

10. Reduce Power Consumption

Your devices consume vampire Energy when they are on standby and it can make as much as 7% of your total electricity bill. You can minimize this power consumption by setting your Amazon smart plugs for less vampire energy.
This way, you are not only being light on your pocket but also reducing 1% of CO2 emissions that impact the environment, and standby power use is responsible for it.
However, the invisible energy suction isn’t the one that forms most of your electricity bill. Are you one of those who forget to turn off fans, lights, TV, and other appliances when you should? Well, that’s where you want yourself a brainy device!

11. Voice Commands

Isn’t it all too Royal to have things done at your voice command without having to lift a finger? Well, everything that Smart Plug does for you, does at voice command to give you the ultimate automation.

Is it worth buying the Amazon smart plug deal?

If you desperately want something that can take a little load off your brain and do the tiny tasks that cost you a lot in terms of MONEY and COMFORT, then you need this little load sharer to make your life more advance, enjoyable and hazard-free.

Things to consider when buying the Amazon smart plug

There are a variety of smart plugs available, with features differing slightly. The smart plug for indoor use is different from the one for outdoor use. Amazon Smart Plug deal allows you to work exclusively with Alexa. Smart Plug must be connected to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network to function.

Here’s the link to get the Amazon Smart plug deal of your dreams!

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